Having payment processing issues?

Try manually typing your information

If your computer auto-fills your information please try typing it in manually.

Try using a different browser and/or network

Occasionally, browsers can affect button functionality, so if you’re having trouble with the payment being processed we suggest trying a different browser as this may help. As well as using a different browser on your computer, we suggest trying a different device and network, e.g. instead of using a desktop browser and Wi-Fi, use your mobile phone and mobile data connection.

If any buttons are not displaying/working as you’d expect

It may be that JavaScript is not enabled.  If JavaScript is disabled you can enable it in your browser settings menu.  You can find instructions for doing that here.

If your card is declined, try contacting your bank

We recommend that you contact your bank to ask for more information and ask for future charges to be accepted. Unfortunately, most bank declines are generic, so we don’t have much information as to why a specific charge was declined.

If you need further assistance, please contact us directly at (208) 314-5091 and we will be happy to help.