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Tiger Athletics would like to thank you for your help and support over the last few years. The results have been fantastic. We appreciate your help and we want to express our gratitude.
Taos High School - Hernando C.

I have been running ads for my local high school through On Time Sports for a few years now. I have been very happy with their service. Tiana is always great to call if you have any questions. She is my go-to for everything I need to know. The whole staff has been great to work with.

Danny H.

They do wonderful things for communities and businesses all across the U.S. They help schools get products for the athletics department completely free. This might be T-shirts for the kids, water bottles, or posters showing school events and activities. Not only that but they give back to the school financially. If you would like to advertise your business while simultaneously providing community support at the same time this is a great way to do it.

Crash B.

The shirts are great! And we did receive your check in the mail last week. I’ve had to guard the shirts pretty fiercely because folks really like them!

Claudia B., Redington Senior High School, Alaska

A great way to market my business right here in my hometown! They work with me on the amount I can pledge each season and send me a sample shirt, too!

Drea B.

Thank you for your wonderful product.  Our school and students love the shirts we get, and the money funds one of our scholarship programs. On Time Sports is a great company to work with.

Tiana P., Haines High School, Alaska

We have been very pleased with our experience with On Time Sports. They have been providing our school with many different spirit items such as footballs, water bottles, and shirts. We give these items to our teams, student-athletes, and community members. Every person has been excited to receive a shirt with their school logo on it. The check we receive has been very helpful to our ASB program.

Deborah C., Kent-Meridian High School, Washington

Our high school has been involved with On Time Sports for a couple of seasons now. Their company has been providing shirts for our game day events each year. We get a box of shirts with our logo on the front and advertisers on the back. Our students, staff, and community love these spirit items. On Time Sports also sends us a rebate check after each season – WOW!! Money for our programs and we didn’t have to do a thing; every little bit helps our student-athletes!! They have been an awesome partner and we will continue to let them help us.

Randal P., Columbia High School, Idaho

Our high school has used this company for the past couple of years. They have not only provided our schools with t-shirts for our students with the advertisers on the back but also send us a check for part of the advertising dollars. In times like these, when the teams are limited in fundraising, this is an additional amount of fundraising dollars we are able to use.

Debbie F., Ben Davis High School, Indiana

An amazing company to work with! Ryan and Alicia have done a tremendous job building a solid team that is attentive and hardworking. I plan to continue working with them for years to come!

Chadd H.